Lakes of Őrség

Őrség is a very much preferred destination for its lakes as well. There are several man-made or artificial lakes around the area to welcome tourists.

The Atique Guesthouse is is the cloeset to "Vadása" and "Borostyán" lakes, but the rest of the lakes are accessable within a short drive as well.

A short summary of the neerby lakes:

Vadása lake: best know

Bajánsenyei lake: largest

Hársas lake: most beautiful

Borostyán lake: offers a great beach and rowing facilities

Sásdi and Sárbereki lakes are a great choices for those, who are into fishing

Sárvíz and Gereskaráti lakes are both suitable for fishing and swimming

Fekete lake: it is a restricted area, visitors need a pass to get in. The lake is surrounded by woods, in which several spieces can be found, which were present even in the Ice Age. The territory of the lake is 600 squaremeters, and in the Summer there is barely any water left in there.

Bárkás lake: it is quite close to Ispánk. The lake is not suitable for swimming, but it offers lovely paths and resting places in the surrunding woods.

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