About Őrség

We can find this beautiful landscape, slashed with forests and groves in the western corner of county Vas. In this region the settling Hungarians placed guards in order to defend the western gate. From here is the name of the region: Őrség (~guard post).

Over the centuries people who lived here, created the facade of the landscape in harmony with the nature and with their small-scale farming. They created the region’s long-term sustainable diversity with nature-harmonic buildings.
This region is the most western part of our country, where hills and streams grooved the valleys. In this site hardwood and pine forests, fresh green meadows and moors (these often preserve special plants from the ice-age) vary the scene – just like the crystal clear springs and streams. The silence and the fresh air, invariably preserved folk traditions, hospitality and the self-supplying farming products are equally meaning attractiveness. This region is gifted with unique harmony of landscape, with traditions, natural, and with cultural-historical values as well. This region is rated worthily to be an excellent European destination and one of the 7 natural miracles of Hungary. The preservation of these natural, cultural values is provided by people who lives here and by the Őrség Natural Park Directorate. The visitors, who are interested in the values of the region, are welcome by the Tourinform Office. For ranging over this wonderful land the well-maintained signed tourist-way network and nature trail networks are showing the natural and cultural values on information boards are helping. To discover the secrets of the nature, the experts of the national park can help you. Guided tour can be asked during the whole year around. The special, biology-nature science programs of the national park offers not only biology-nature science, but also the pleasure of the discovering in an environmentally-friendly way: on foot, by bike, on wagon-traffic. The lovers of the ethnical values are waited by the Őrség Folk Monument Group, in Pityerszer what preserves the „szeres” – type of settlement. These buildings wait the visitors by standing on their original place, with authentic furniture and with tourist guide. The country house in Nagyrákos and the old forge-shop offer unique experience as well. The gothic Velemér Holy Trinity Church what was painted by János Aquila and the Őriszentpéter church belong to the sacral monuments.
The Protestant church in Szentgyörgyvölgy represents a great value due to its special authentic ornament, the carved wood ceiling.
Out of the lots of harmonic belfries the classic őrség form following Pankasz skirted belfry is and next to this the harrow village with forge-shop also belong to the not to missed sights. The popular őrség’s potterys what work up the „gold” of Őrség, wait the visitors from Magyarszombatfa to Szentgyörgyvölgy. In Magyarszombatfa, the pottery-house adumbrates to the one-time everyday life of the potters and it gives also the opportunity to get to know the trick of this profession. Tourists, who stand for fishing and bathing, are waited by the Lake Vadása, Lake Borostyán and Lake Hársas. The emphasized events of the region offer varied relaxation.
The special areas represent a great countryside and artistic experience with a special cross-border nature. The Days of Blossom during Whitsun and Hétrétország Festival are also very popular.
The Őrség Fair, the Potter days and the Völgyhíd Fair mean the market-periods of the summer. The regional product, around the pumpkin organized autumn gastro-event, the Őrség International Pumpkin Festival.

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