About the house

About the house: The Antique Guesthouse is made of brick. Back in the days the so called "kódiállás" was a popular achitecural element, almost all homes had one. The term "kódisálás" refers to the beggars, the large front porch offered them shelter from the rain, accomodated them for the night, but by the unwitten laws of the society these homeless travellers were not allowed inside the house. This larger front part also simbolised the finaicial state of its owners.



Ispank is one of the few towns of Őrség, that has been inhabited by hungarians since the nation has moved into the Carpathian Basin. The first inhbitors appeared around the 950s-960s.

The first written documentation, that mentions Ispánk, is from 1481.

The people of Őrség, say that Ispánk is the "centere of the world", as it is situated to an equal distance from each surrounding towns. Also, the curch has no shadow in Ispank, which may sound creepy at first, but as the town has no chucrh, it turns out to be quite reasonable.

Ispank is mainly popular within those who are looking to get away from the hectic city-like atmosphere. With its fine natural resources, and quiet environment, Ispánk is a great place for relaxation.

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