About us

Accomodation in Őrség, Antique Guesthouse Ispánk

It was in 2007, when we first came across the beautiful Őrség on our summer holiday. It was love at first sight. The atmosphere, the quiet, we felt welcome in that small town. We took a bike trip one day, and we saw that old house, and that was it. It was just perfect. It may sound unreasonable and irrational to buy a property 3hours away from our home, but it is not every day you find a place with such a brilliantly harmonic atmosphere, is it?

We found this little paradice, and we wanted to conserve it to the next generation.

During the renovation process we have paid much attention to applying furnitures, colours, textiles etc. characteristic of the 18th century hungarian style. Friderika Biro, a curator, museologyst  was helping us with her knowledge of cultural history and arts. Those who have a look at the pictures will understand the effort we have put into the renovaton.